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Has anyone had a harder first two games than the Estacado Matadors? Knocking off one of best teams in Texas every year in the Coronado Mustangs, 36-30 and then going into Pampa and winning a huge game in the last minutes, 30-24 shows that the Matadors are working and succeeding on getting better with their Achilles heel last year, putting teams away late.

A big contribution to this great start has been Senior Tailback Jermiah Dobbins. He has rushed the rock 50 times for 445 yards and a few scores so far through two games. I caught up with Jermiah and asked him a few questions about the season, and playing right beside his brother for the second year! Here is our interview below!

#1. Estacado has played and won two big games this season against playoff teams from last season. What did your team work on this summer to finish games better this season so far?

Jeremiah Dobbins:

Our team has worked on being positive. Anything bad can happen but the way we respond isn’t negative; It’s shake it off on to the next play, we got you.

#2 I remember talking to Coach Cluley and him saying you would get 20-25 carries a game this year. You have 449 yards so far on 50 carries. How does it feel to be getting the bulk of the carries and being counted on to open up the l field for the Mats?

Jermiah Dobbins

It feels like an honor, but I also see that as a way to get the receivers the ball more. Also a way to get our linemen great pancakes.

#3 How did it feel being named one of the team captains for your senior season and as a captain, and as a leader what are you telling your team to make sure they aren’t getting comfortable as you guys have lofty goals this season?

Jermiah Dobbins

It felt great to be a captain and we just always say forget everything like the Coronado win that’s in the past; we can’t be satisfied with that win.

#4 Playing alongside your brother, not too many get to experience that. How does it feel to do that?

Jermiah Dobbins

To play with brother is like a dream come true! It’s like a dirty duo and it’s always a great feeling to keep hearing our names being called back and forth!

#5 Describe how it is to play for Coach Cluley. What has he meant to you in this season and your recruiting progress.

Jermiah Dobbins

To play for Coach Cluley is a great feeling especially since many people had their doubts about him. Also he is giving me more opportunities to get the ball and get recruited more as they send our film off and talk to coaches about us all the time.

#6 Caprock next. They are 0-2!but you can’t take them lightly. What do you think your team needs to focus on in order to pull out the win?

Jermiah Dobbins

To win that our team will have to start this week and get 1% better everyday; Strike first to get the mood set and mash the gas!

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