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Brownfield and Muleshoe have been pleasant surprises in the 2022 football season as both teams are on a roll and now will play each other before they get ready for district play Friday in Muleshoe. Can the Cubs keep it up and make a serious run? How will Muleshoe fare with teams like Bushland and Shallowater in their district coming up? Here is my thoughts below for both programs.

For the Cubs and Coach Flores, it seems as if they get by Muleshoe’s Mules on Friday night, they will go undefeated in the regular season for the first time since 1988. And even if they lose, they still will go 9-1 and win their district. The other four teams in their district (Denver City, Kermit, Lamesa and Slaton) have a combined record of 5-15 so far on the year and are a step or two behind the Cubs already.

The problem I see for the Cubs is elite competition. The only way you sharpen iron, is with iron and not with copper or brass. Their district is not going to get them ready for that third round big playoff game against a Brock, Whitesboro or another team like Shallowater on the day after Thanksgiving because we just don’t have that type of team this way in 3A for the Cubs.

But what the Cubs do have is toughness. When I talked with Flores he told me that they have scrimmaged teams like Estacado and have need down in games and had to come back to win on the road, so they will be battle-tested. Muleshoe will present a different test for the Cubs as they attack through the air, but have a good running game and some tough lin man up front in the trenches.

Speaking of Muleshoe, how about their four consecutive wins after a loss to their rivals down the street on 84 in Littlefield? The latest win showed everything; from passing, to running, to coming from behind, to finishing a close game. If you ask Coach Richards, he is more happy about finishing games than anything as that has been a problem in his short tenure as the Mules’ Head Coach and has cost his team a couple of wins.

Win or lose Friday, Muleshoe has a couple of tough teams coming in district play as they will play Bushland on October 7th in Bushland; a team that is ranked #6 in the state in 3A DI and can put up a bunch of points in a hurry and are also undefeated at 5-0 as of this article. then on October 21st they’ll take on Shallowater; another tough teams that has great teams every year with nothing changing in that aspect with Coach Vincent and his staff! Does anyone have a tougher two games coming than Muleshoe with Brownfield and Bushland with both teams being 5-0 and scary good? Whoah!

Let’s make sure to keep up with both teams and hope they make deep runs.. No need to get on the bus for that…

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Jasone Pearson


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