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Updated: Jan 1

Well, the Nation's largest tournament is gone until next year and while I thought it was great as usual and the Championship games being held at Frenship was a success, there were some things that have to be addressed at the least, and changed hopefully in the future


  • I loved the small school brackets! Those teams were really matched up well and we saw some great championship games as Farwell and Grapevine Faith's girls won and Abernathy and Lubbock Christian's boys won their brackets. There were some blowouts, but not as noticeable in the big school brackets.

  • The hospitality was great for media! I know the Caprock staff ALWAYS takes care of me and my workers and that is very appreciated! The hospitality room, when unlocked, was very great too!

  • The Championship round had six great games and we saw a lot of players shine and make names for themselves; from Kaleb Harrell and the charge he took for Abernathy to prevail, to Carter holding off Desoto to win their title as well in the Big School Bracket!


  • The matchups were not good in some of the Big School boys and girls brackets. Pecos was matched up against 5A's Lubbock-Cooper Pirates and it showed as they lost, 102-8. That can't happen; even if they gotta give Lubbock-Cooper a bye and they play someone else later but not that game.. That was pretty bad.

  • Let's talk about the defending Caprock Champions having to open up their defense of their title in the Lubbock-Cooper back gym! WOW! Also, what about Carter's boys from Dallas, opening up against Parish Episcopal from Dallas?

  • Lastly, what about the media non-buffer? People could just pay admission and go down on the court and film the biggest tournament in the Nation? Also, why wasn't EVERY game covered with pictures and players of the game and up-to-date scoring on Twitter for every game from the Caprock staff?

  • Just my thoughts; that has to happen next year: Being the largest tournament in the Nation isn't enough to me, especially with over 100 teams here. Can you imagine the content and engagement that the Caprock Social media platforms would get just based off that, which in turn would make MORE teams want to play in the tournament and contribute to Ambucs' mission to help more of the children they have this tournament for!

There wasn't too much ugly about the tournament, in my opinion. Can't wait until 2023's edition

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