Updated: May 3, 2021

First off, congratulations to all the 806 athletes that made it to state; that is an accomplishment in itself! Now that we know what time and who you guys are going to be going against, let's preview every event that will be taking place in Austin starting Thursday morning at Mike Myers field! Good luck to all the 8o6 teams and I hope you guys bring back a lot of gold medals!


Here are the official Heat sheets for 4A and 3A below:




Track Events

In 4A, I really see Canyon's girls winning all of their events and the overall team title as well. Breanna Stuart comes in with the fastest time in the 3200 and Samuel Ashley has the best time for the boys 3200. This event will take place at 9:00am on Thursday. Good luck to Pampa's Lexi Maul in the girls' 3200 as she qualified for state as well.

In the 4x100 relay, we had no girls' teams qualify and Dumas will be in lane 9, coming in with a time of 42.30. This event will take place at 5:00pm

In the 800M run for the 4A girls, Abree Winfrey from Canyon and Sarai Chavez from Dumas will compete in this event at 5:20pm. Winfrey won the Region I race and comes in two seconds off the fastest time in this competition. The boys didn't have anyone make it to state in the 800M run.

For the 100M Hurdles, no girls qualified in 4A for state. In the 110M hurdles, Estacado's RJ Steele comes in with the second-fastest time in the race that will take place at 5:45 pm with a time of 14.57. He has a great shot at bringing home a gold medal.

In the 100 Meter dash, we had no qualifiers for the boys and girls for state in 4A

In the 4x200 we had no qualifiers for the boys and girls for state in 4A

In the 400M run for the girls in 4A that takes place at. 7:00pm, Canyon's Thalia Solis will be the lone 806 representer and on the boys side there are two competitors; Dumas' Oliver Ortiz and Canyon's Rafe Butcher; who has the fastest time coming in with a time of 48.29 and should win this event.

In the 300M hurdles that takes place at 7:35, Abree Winfrey from Canyon qualified for state in this event and the only 806 representer at this event. No one on the boys' side qualified for this event.

In the 200 Meter dash, no boys or girls qualified for state in this event.

In the 1600 Meter run that takes place at 8:15p, Canyon had two qualifiers; Breanna Stuart and Hannah Stuart, who has the fastest time coming into this event with a finish of 5:06.18 Pampa's Lexi Maul also qualified for this event! On the boys side, Samuel Ashley from Canyon qualified for this event and will be the lone 806 representative running this race.

In the last running event for the day, the 1600 Meter relay, Canyon's girls will be in lane four with the fastest time in the state coming in with a time of 3:58.52 and Dumas' boys will be in lane seven as the only 806 boys team that qualified for this event that takes place at 8:45pm

Field Events:

We have no qualifiers from the 806 in the High Jump or the Discus throw on the girls and boys side.

In the Long Jump, the Boys have no qualifiers and on the girls side, TY'Trice Conor from Estacado and Whitney Willeford from Canyon will compete at this event that starts at 10:45 AM

In the boys Pole Vault, Dumas' Emmanuel Ibanez qualified and on the girls side, Canyon's Kashlee Dickinson qualified as well. This event starts at 1:00m for the girls and 3:00pm for the boys.

In the Shot Put event, Canyon's Danielle Burns qualified on the girls side and Kaleb Hughes from Borger qualified on the boys side. This event starts at 9:00am for the girls and 10:30 for the boys,


Track Events

In the 3200 meter run that starts at 9:00am, Amarillo River Road's Crawford Kiser will compete in the event.

In the 4x100 relay that starts at 5:00pm, Bushland's girls and Spearman's boys qualified for the event.

In the girls 800M run that starts at 5:20pm, Abernathy's Skylar Delgado and Spearman's Mia Pipkin qualified for the event while on the boys side, Tulia's Hayden Montgomery qualified for the event as well.

In the girls 100M Hurdles, no one from the 806 qualified while Abernathy's Konnor Hoerman qualified in the 110M hurdles with the fastest time in 3A with a finish of 14.55. This event takes place at 5:45pm.