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In 4-5A, the picture is becoming clearer on who will get to the playoffs, but unclear on the seeding and who’s playing who in the dance! Lubbock-Cooper, the eighth-ranked team in 5A in the state, is sitting up top in the district standings at 7-0 and will have a huge game coming on Friday at Monterey; who is ranked 20th in the state and are 6-1 before this week’s action.

Those two teams will decide the one and two seeds in 4-5A and after Friday, Lubbock-Cooper will have clinched the district or both teams will be tied for first with a district-seeding game coming the week after to see who goes in first and second in the playoffs.

As far as the three and four seeds are concerned, Coronado, Abilene Wylie and Lubbock High will battle it out for the final two spots. Lubbock High is struggling right now as they have lost their last four games in district and the last three by 30-plus points to Monterey, Coronado and Lubbock-Cooper, respectfully. The loss to Abilene Wylie by the Lady Westerners hurt last week as far as standings go and if they lose to them again at home Friday, they will be eliminated.

Coronado lost to Abilene Wylie last week and have their last three games against Monterey, Abilene Cooper and Lubbock-Cooper. Coronado will likely end up tied for third with Abilene Wylie or in a 3-way tie with Lubbock and Wylie and thats where the analytics will come into play: you know, like point differential and other things. Stay tuned and I’ll have you covered on the status of these teams as we head to the end of the road.


Tonight’s scores:

Lubbock-Cooper 65 Lubbock High 33

Ab. Wylie 51 Coronado 48

Monterey 77 Ab. Cooper 37

District Standings

Lubbock-Cooper 7-0

Monterey 6-1

Abilene Wylie 3-4

Coronado 3-4


Lubbock High 2-5

Abilene Cooper 0-7 (eliminated)

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