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On Sunday, March 28th, Lubbock-Cooper held a “HogWild” themed lineman and edge rusher football camp. Coach Mike Evans, Coach Jacob Morrison and the Coach that brought it all together, Coach Zach, really brought the fire and intensity to the event and got all 85 of the lineman that participated better!

So, who stood out after individual drills and one-on-one sessions? Here are my top five lineman that really made their presence felt at the HogWild camp!

Kam Curry- Midland Lee

(6’2” 309 OL/ Class of 2022)

Kam really shined in individual drills and won every rep he had against all offensive lineman. He has unbelievable footwork and is very fast at the point of attack! He beat a lot of DI lineman straight up on Sunday and will be a beast this fall for Midland Lee.

2. Hunter Mastin- Trinity Christian

(6’2“ 240/ Class of 2023)

Hunter was the overall MVP of the entire camp! He really bullied a lot of people all day and was laser-focused every drill! He just keeps stacking great performance, after great performance for himself and will start to garner some National attention very soon!

3. Karson Jones- Frenship High

(6’5” 295/ Class of 2022/ 2 DI offers)

Karson Jones from Frenship is a warrior Nobody’s working harder than Jones right now and he is skyrocketing up the National Recruiting radars as he has received two division one offers in the last month. I thought I was watching Mortal Kombat the way he was finishing defenders in the one-on-one drills! The scary thing about Karson is he hasn’t hit his Apex yet; imagine what the finished product will be!

4. Brooks Leinen-Tascosa

(6’4” 270/ Class of 2022)

Brooks was throwing his weight around all camp, and was throwing his defenders around as well! Tascosa is known for churning out division one players and here is another; guys, don’t miss out on him, he is a terror in the trenches!

5. Jihad Lateef- Estacado

(6’4” 280/ Class of 2022/ 8 DI offers)

Jihad loves to work: He doesn’t want to miss anything to do with sharpening his craft and that’s why he has eight division one offers! Lateef got some work on Sunday as he was challenged by Kam Curry and a couple of others at his offensive lineman position! So, what do you think his first statement was after the camp? You guessed it. “Back to the lab.”


Colter Lynch- Panhandle High

Colter is 6’4” 290 and in the Class of 2023!

Colter really shined out there amongst a bunch of giants and really made a name for himself and his school! Be on the lookout for him to gain some steam on the recruiting trail!

Jason Smith- Lubbock High School

Jason really knows how to use his hands well and is also great on his footwork! He’ll put on some weight before his Senior season and go play somewhere next-level for sure!

Antwone Haskin- Estacado

Antwone was also in the mix all camp and really separated himself late during the one-on-one drills! This guy is young; Class of 2024 and will be the next Coach Cluley player that will go big time on the National scene and in a hurry!

Marquise White-Monterey

Marquise was very fast in the footwork drills and the individual drills during the camp! Also, he held his own during the one-on-one sessions as he was repeatedly running his lineman defenders over! Standing at 6’2”200 and playing Outside Linebacker for Monterey’s Plainsmen, expect White to garner some FCS interest pretty quickly! —————————————————————-

Other players that caught my eye were:

Edgar Cervera- Floydada

Deontae Butler- Estacado

Holton Hendrix- Lubbock-Cooper

Jacob Greeson- Amarillo

Noah Gonzales- Frenship young pup!

Be on the lookout for our next HogWild Camp as this one was electric! Thank you to all the athletes that showed up and showed out!

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