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The playoffs actually start tonight!

If Lubbock wins and Coronado wins tonight,

Both will be tied in 4-5A District play with their last game coming tomorrow(4-5). I think they will play a seeding game Thursday or Friday to determine who goes in the playoffs 3, and 4. Maybe, and that’s if Wylie wins tomorrow to Abilene Cooper, a team who hasn’t won a game in district yet.

If Wylie wins and Coronado wins.

Both will be 4-5 and most-likely Wylie wins tomorrow and will be the 3-seed, Coronado will have a play-in game with Lubbock for the 4th seed

One of those two scenarios may happen.

Also, Wylie is not out of it if they lose! If they lose and Coronado wins today but loses tomorrow and they win, they could be tied with coronado for the 4-seed and have a play-in game to take on Amarillo in the first round!

Ok, so what if Lubbock and Coronado win today and lose tomorrow and Wylie wins tomorrow? It’s a 3-way tie and it’ll come down to coin-flips.. Point difference metrics and more!

Big games tonight in 4-5A!

Also in 3-5A, the loser of Randall Vs Plainview will go in the 3 seed and play Monterey next week in the playoffs. The winner will get either, Lubbock, Coronado or Wylie in the First round.

Tascosa will play Palo Duro and Caprock will play Amarillo. The winner will take on LCP in the first round of the playoffs.

Amarillo will wait and see who finishes last in 4-5A to know who they are playing!

A lot of stuff!!

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