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IS 2020'S CLASS THE BEST EVER IN THE 806? (Or was it 2019?)

So, is this the best class ever in 806 football? I have covered a lot of great individual players, and also some very good classes as well, but 2020 may be the breakout year for all the 806 recruits and schools as there might end up being 15 or more players getting DI offers.

C/O 2020 TE/ATH Jalin Conyers has 15 offers so far...

Let’s talk about the class in general. Now, in 2019 we had players like Trevor Roberson, King Doerue, Blair Conwright, DK Blaylock And Brandon White; who all had a combined 75 DI offers before they committed..Crazy! But in 2020 we already have the 2nd-ranked tight end in Texas in Jalin Conyers who has 15 offers. Next we have John Holcomb from Wellington who has 7 offers, and LB Moore from Tascosa who has seven offers as well. Isaiah Johnson is starting to catch fire as well as the Lubbock-Cooper Pirate has 3DI offers on the table as well. Caprock’s Tarik Williams has a DI offer from Howard with more to come, Monterey’s J’Bre Ramos was offered by Abilene Christian University and players like Coreon Bailey, Tyree Tipton, Sederick Colbert, Jermiah Dobbins, KeKe Murray, Nehemiah Martinez, Jasean Barrow and more are starting to catch fire and interest.

I wanted to go in-depth on a Player we love for this class and that’s Ayden Visage from Lubbock-Cooper. Standing in at 6’3” and 310 pounds, he is one of the most intriguing prospects at Lineman in the 806 and West Texas. Ayden has been all over Texas this winter and has really stood out in the state with top-5 finishes in major Offensive Line camps in Dallas, Houston, Lubbock and more! You won’t find another player as locked in and nasty in the trenches like Ayden.

Our top player in the class, Jalin Conyers, May end up with 40 offers. John Holcomb, who stands in at 6’5” and amasses 215 pounds will get hot too. LB Moore has a lot of interest from major programs like Texas right now, and may garner some more big time offers before it’s over and done with. Another player on the radar is Portales, NM Star Philip Blidi! He has been offered by Tulsa and Illinois State! This hybrid Linbacker/DE is very fast with powerful force in the trenches as well! Don’t be surprised if he ends up with over 15 offers as well.

Class of 2020 Sleepers:

  1. Coreon Bailey- QB/ATH, Monterey High School

  2. Nehemiah Martinez- TB/FS, Lubbock-Cooper High

  3. Ayden Visage- OL, Lubbock-Cooper

  4. Jermiah Dobbins-TB, Estacado High School

  5. Sederick Colbert-LB, Estacado High School

  6. Drew Hocutt-WR, Frenship High School

  7. Joseph Plunk- QB, Tascosa High School

  8. Tyree Tipton-WR, Monterey High School

  9. Jon Hernandez-WR, Coronado High School

  10. TY Williams-ATH, Monterey High School

  11. Alex Timmons-QB Lubbock-Christian

  12. Zeke Lott-LB, Lubbock-Christian

  13. Jacob Dennis-TB, Lubbock-Cooper

  14. Dylan Jerden- New Deal High School

  15. Damontrareius Lacy-TB, Monterey High School

Guys, please comment anymore players you feel should be on this list.

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